Ive had 1010 hits so far. :O It was 700 some last I checked, and that was only last week.

Oh yeah. I found out what was in the box. It was something for the boat. And you know what? It wasnt even half the size of the box. My dad opened it up and there was an insane amount of paper in it, and the actual bracket wasnt really fragile or anything.

I didnt think I was that good at animating. Smart eh is raging on a page on RES because she cant animate well and you have to draw like 100 frames. Haha.. I dont think she realizes that compared to some creators, my work is crap. :/ I cant make them move while lip synching or do walk cycles, that kind of thing.

I HAVE FUDGE. Its cherry and chocolate ewe Its gooood.

xDD Andy started a screamfest, I think.



Lets see how many people get the ref to DarkFoxs flip here.

Kayla didnt.

And apparently no-one else did, either.

Because no-one commented on my comment.

My cat is snoring xD She does that sometimes.

Holy crap this is short tonight. :O

I did a commish on dA. Or rather I paid for one. ewe


See? oeo

hey, theres a new text face xDD "oeo"

Ive never used that one before.

I AM OVER HALFWAY DONE MY NUMA NUMA FLIP. *fist pump* Its my best flip yet. ;U; It has some of the RESidents charas in it.


Loop, Shade, Watchful, Blaze, and Streak. >w< I just need to put Watchful in now.

Im asking on RES again if anyones interested in having their wolf or fox chara animated.

Though Watchful is a human. The rest are wolves or foxes. ^-^

WELL. No-one on RES is interested, and Kayla doesnt have any foxes or wolves.

What about you guys? :3 Have any foxes or wolves youd like me to animate? Im sticking to those two for this because I can animate canines the best. ^-^

Its my best flip yet so far ;w;  Im proud of it. Im also trying some new stuff on it and its working out pretty well. Ive improved a LOT since May. A LOT. X3 Im proud of some of my flips~

I can lip synch better and Ive mastered blinking all over again, only this time its smoother and looks good. ewe And I figured out a bunch of other stuff youll see in the flip once I finish it and get it posted.

This isnt short anymore xD